2430 Beeminder Pledge?

We want the stakes to be higher. No. Diction. We want the stakes to be threatening.

So the muse and I are contemplating the premium membership of the Beeminder plan. As written, we pledged 2430 to Beeminder, betting that we would write 365 blog entries in a one year time frame. In other words, everyday, we must deliver one blog entry to you on WordPress. For your leisure. For your frustration. For your education– yes, financial tips will be coming soon too (ever wonder how we got 10k to throw away anyway? 😉

Stipulations for reader payout are still being thought about, we promise to get back to you asap once we’ve sorted out a plan– any ideas are welcome, though we do not want to come off as cons or scam artists here!

Anyway, back on topic: Beeminder will not allow us to pledge 2430 the first time. The max we can bet is 5 (measly) bucks. Here’s proof:

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 5.09.34 PM

We really want the stakes to be threatening! So, we have to sign up for a beemium membership. We will get right on that!

The muse and are taking a reverse role on this writing and readers thing: pay readers, instead of writer’s getting paid. In today’s world, the artist is already at a financial strain, so why not flip the tables and see what happens? We are still working on the logistics to compensate our readers for our failure(s). We know how much we are paying out, at least we can give you that number in “writing.” Here’s the digits

10000-2430= 7570. That’s a step in the right direction; how we are going to execute this plan to make it as smooth as possible for our readership is still unknown. Give us some more time to think about it, please.

As always, thank you for your time. We’ve got one follower so far. +1 to you sir/madam!




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